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Common questions about chiropractors - Brockenhurst Chiropractic
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If you have not received Chiropractic or any of our other treatments before you are likely to have some questions, we hope we have answered some of those here.  If we have not been able to answer your question here please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Generally treatment is not painful and patients can get instant relief from pain.  There may be some discomfort felt for a short period during a treatment if there is muscle spasm and inflammation present.

Very few but some patients may experience some soreness after a treatment, especially after the first treatment while the body gets used to being in a straightened and more symmetrical posture.  This generally settles down within 24-48 hours.

An adjustment is a specific and controlled force in a precise direction that is applied to a joint that is not moving properly or is ‘stuck’.  Sometimes you hear a ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ during an adjustment and this is simply air bubbles releasing within the fluid in that joint space, giving a higher pressure allowing more movement.

This procedure is extremely safe and provides a natural approach to healthcare, which avoids invasive procedures such as surgery or addictive pain relieving drugs.

This depends on many things.  What the problem is, how long you’ve been in pain for, how your body responds to treatment and what you do in your day-to-day activities, i.e. how active you are.

As an example, for simple neck or low back pain that has been present for a short time generally takes 3-6 sessions of care whereas it may take 6-12 sessions if the pain has been present for a long time.

The decision to continue with regular check ups is a personal choice.  Periodic visits help to maintain what has been achieved through treatment and prevent new problems arising, however, there is no obligation to do this.

Exercises and helpful tips are given to all patients when the cause of the problem has been established to help prevent a relapse.  If a relapse does occur or a new problem arises, we will be here to help you.

Not much! Both chiropractors and osteopaths treat similar conditions using similar techniques.  Both offer a non-invasive and drug free healthcare using manual therapy, looking at the function of the whole body to treat ailments.

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